Outside of the Star Wars movies, one of the best places for fans to get their fix from a galaxy far far away has always been the video games. Disney has been a little slow going in that department ever since they purchased Lucasfilm, but more Star Wars video game goods are on the way. Today EA made several announcements about what fans can expect in the near future from the Star Wars video game universe.

Star Wars Celebration is currently taking place in London, and the Star Wars Games panel revealed quite a lot that gamers can look forward to. EA took center stage to announced some more expansions for Star Wars Battlefront, and they have debuted a trailer, which has made it onto YouTube, for the Death Star expansion which is due out in September. As the name of the expansion implies, we are going to be able to experience the assault on the planet destroying battle station first hand.

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As with all of the game modes in Battlefront, you will be able to play either as the Rebels who are attempting to destroy the Death Star or as the Imperials, who are trying to defend it. The trailer for the new expansion is just as cinematic as everything that has come before it and is more than enough to get us excited about it. Not only that, but the Death Star, which is such a massive part of Star Wars history, has been noticeably absent from the game till now.

Outside of the EA content, there were some other updates on other Star Wars games projects as well. Amy Hennig offered an update on the Visceral Games Star Wars game, that has largely been a mystery to this point. She revealed that the game won't be released until 2018, and that a title still hasn't been settled on. There was also a reveal from BioWare about an upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is titled Knights of the Eternal Throne and is due out this fall. Outside of that, the only other non EA reveal was an expansion for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile game called Tank Takedown Raid.

DICE and EA have also had plans for a fourth expansion for Star Wars Battlefront, but we haven't know anything about it until the panel today. The developer revealed that the next expansion would be focused on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The expansion, which will be titled Rogue One: Scarif, will allow players to explore the new tropical planet that is being introduced in the Star Wars spinoff movie. Players are also going to be able to play as either hero Jyn Erso, or villain Director Orson Krennic.

It is unclear if the fourth expansion for Battlefront is going to come out before or after Rogue One is release in theaters. What is exciting is that this will be the first bit of the game that will explore content outside of the original Star Wars saga, but there still won't be any content centered around The Force Awakens. Season pass holders for Battlefront are also going to be getting several new maps, weapons and star cards. Plus, the Video game will be getting two new playable heroes with the bounty hunter Bossk, and finally, Chewbacca. You can check out the trailer for the Star Wars Battlefront Death Star expansion below, as well as the other Star Wars game trailers revealed at Star Wars Celebration.

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