By all accounts, The Last Jedi was one of the darker chapters in the Star Wars franchise. It has its moments of comedy, but they're only there to help balance out the bleakness. Now that the movie is available on Blu-ray, fans have been able to check out all of the bonus features included in the special edition and as with most releases, the current fan favorite is the gag reel, which shows off the lighter side of The Last Jedi. One of the major highlights is Oscar Isaac getting slapped by Carrie Fisher 40 times.

Oscar Isaac can take a slap. Actually, he can take many slaps to the face and does an incredible job of keeping a straight face for nearly all 40 of the slaps administered by the late Carrie Fisher shown in the new gag reel. In interviews before The Last Jedi came out, Isaac spoke about the scene in question and many believed that he was exaggerating. However, a quick glance at the deleted scenes from the movie prove that he might have even been downplaying it.

Also shown in The Last Jedi gag reel is an explanation as to why director Rian Johnson gave John Boyega an art piece of himself looking really annoyed with the word, bio-hexacrypt, written below in the classic Star Wars font. Boyega informed us that we'd learn why later, and that day has come. The actor is seen in the gag reel completely butchering the bio-hexacrypt line repeatedly and getting visually frustrated as Kelly Marie Tran and Oscar Isaac become more amused every time he spits out the name wrong. Rian Johnson's gift to John Boyega is now extra funny.

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Elsewhere in The Last Jedi gag reel, we see a tender moment between Rose and Finn on Crait that is totally destroyed when a wind machine that is put on mega speed, blows salt and dust all over the two characters. We're also treated to a miniature version of BB-8, which leads someone to ask if the droid had a baby and some scenes where Daisy Ridley breaks character while working with Mark Hamill. Hamill and Ridley look like they had a lot of fun working together on Ahch-To, which is completely different than the relationship between their two characters in the movie.

The Last Jedi gag reel is a nice companion piece to the Director and the Jedi documentary that is included in the special features of the digital versions and Blu-ray edition of the movie. It's worth it just to watch Oscar Isaac get slapped 40 times and to watch John Boyega really struggle to say bio-hexacrypt in his dialogue and get really frustrated. You can check out two different clips from The Last Jedi below, provided to us from the Entertainment Tonight YouTube channel. Additionally, you can pick up the physical release online and in stores now.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick