A new Star Wars LEGO set seems to have answered a question that has plagued fans since the release of Return of the JEdi in 1983: did Boba Fett survive after falling into the Sarlaac Pit? The movie itself didn't exactly show him die, but many thought there was no way he could escape the Sarlaac pit after falling in during an early scene in Return of the Jedi, although leaked images from an upcoming LEGO set seems to indicate that Boba Fett did in fact survive that treacherous fall. Boba Fett's fate hasn't exactly been confirmed by anyone at LucasFilm, but these images certainly are intriguing.

A Reddit user named "SiegmeyerofCatarina" dug up a "confidential" image featuring an upcoming LEGO set, with the artwork depicting Boba Fett using his blaster to essentially shoot his way out of the Sarlaac Pit. No details were given about this LEGO set, and it may not even be the final artwork, but there has been no confirmation that Boba Fett did in fact make it out of teh Sarlaac Pit alive. While the character did have a jetpack, it seemingly malfunctioned when Han Solo bumped into him causing the jetpack to go off and this bounty hunter to slide into the Sarlaac Pit.

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There has been plenty of rumors that the third Star Wars spin-off focused on Boba Fett, with director Josh Trank once attached to take the helm before he was removed from the project. The project never did find a replacement director, and there has been talk that an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off movie will take its place on the 2020 release calendar, although that hasn't been confirmed either. There has been talk that both a Boba Fett movie and a Yoda spin-off will happen after the Obi-Wan spin-off, but it remains unclear when Disney and LucasFilm will announce more details about the future of this franchise. If Boba Fett is in fact alive, he could surface in upcoming movies, as speculated by a Reddit user. Here's what Reddit user Secretinternot had to say below.

"I could've sworn there was artwork like this released for some other merchandise a little while ago. It was still considered a 'what if' story type if I recall correctly. He'd be in his 60s during the TLJ, that would be a crazy surprise if he made an appearance though. Maybe he'll be in Han Solo? I wouldn't mind a new version of Star Wars 1313 set between ROTJ and TFA. Although with the way EA is raping the their SP games, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing anything until their license exclusivity for Star Wars expires. Please dear god LucasArts make it open to all developers next time. Something as big as Star Wars shouldn't be lacking in quality and variety of titles on consoles. Where are our action/adventure and RPG titles?!? I digress, it's probably nothing. I wouldn't take any single piece of art as definitive proof, if we get some written lore outside of merchandising, then we're talking!"

It's possible that LucasFilm could be saving the fate of Boba Fett for the rumored Star Wars spin-off movie, or perhaps a new Star Wars novel that will shed more light on this bounty hunter. It also isn't known when this LEGO set will be released, or if what's depicted in the LEGO set will be considered part of the Star Wars canon. Visit Reddit to check out the leaked LEGO images.