The Star Wars Celebration team has revealed that the event is still on schedule for later this summer. After San Diego Comic-Con made the decision to cancel, many assumed the Star Wars convention was next. The world is in a weird spot at the moment, but it appears that there could be some good news on the horizon. At this time, authorities have advised against meeting up in gatherings with more than ten people. Additionally, people have been asked to remain in their homes, only leaving to head out for essential items.

Movie theaters are hoping to open up in the middle of July, which will bring together larger groups of people for what could be the first time since March in California. San Diego Comic-Con takes place at the end of July and they decided to cancel as early as they could. Star Wars Celebration takes place August 27th through the 30th in Anaheim, California this year. You can read part of the team's statement below.

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"At Star Wars Celebration, the health and safety of our fans, attendees, exhibitors, guests and staff is our number one priority. Given global developments... we want to share some of the steps Star Wars Celebration is taking to actively and continuously monitor the situation. We are in contact with the city of Anaheim, the Anaheim Visitors Bureau, and the Anaheim Convention Center. We are committed to ensuring that our event plans meet or exceed the latest public health guidance, including that of local and state authorities as well as the U.S. CDC."

As for what a social distancing convention will look like, that is unclear. Last year's Star Wars Celebration took place in Chicago and saw over 65,000 Star Wars fans show up over the course of three days. Even cutting that number in half is a lot of people to be in one place, especially now. For fans who are worried about cancellation, the team says they will give plenty of time to make other plans. The statement continues below.

"Additional announcements about the status of the event will be made in the coming weeks as we review the most up to date guidance from state and local health authorities. We know how much Star Wars Celebration means to all of you, and we will make every effort to give you as much advance notice as possible regarding any changes to our plans."

As of this moment, Star Wars Celebration is still going to happen. However, that could change at any minute. California Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered all beaches to close this Friday after thousands of people flocked to the water last weekend, which some see as a smart decision, while others completely disagree with it. If the city of Anaheim decides to keep the convention going, it will be huge news.

A Star Wars Virtual Convention is happening this Monday for Star Wars Day. That said, Star Wars Celebration is pretty much four months away. A lot can happen between now and then, but will Star Wars fans be willing to go into such a large group so soon? Are people going to go to the movies in July when theaters attempt to open again? We don't have answers for these questions at this time, but it looks like the city of Anaheim, where Disneyland is, might be looking to open things up sooner than later. You can read the full statement over at The official Star Wars Celebration website.