Solo: A Star Wars Story may not have been a wholly satisfying experience for many fans, but it did explore some interesting things within a galaxy far, far away and it allowed us to dive deeper with some characters we've known for a long time. Specifically, Han's wookiee buddy Chewbacca got a lot of screen time and we learned a great deal about the beloved fuzzball. Though, there was one burning question quite a few had after seeing the movie; does Chewbacca eat people? We now know the answer to that question definitively.

The answer comes via the official Solo novelization, which was written by Mur Lafferty and just recently hit shelves. These Star Wars novel and comic adaptations typically just offer hardcore fans a new way to experience the stories told in the movies. Though, they tend to offer little tidbits that didn't make their way to the screen. In this case, Lafferty digs a bit deeper into the scene that had us wondering whether or not Chewie actually ate people.

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In Solo, when Han is thrown into a muddy holding cell on Mimban with the "Beast," as the Imperial guards call it, they comment on the creature, who we come to realize is Chewbacca, possibly being hungry. The implication seeming to be that Chewie may be interested in eating Han. The book dives deeper into Chewbacca's imprisonment. The guards threw him scraps of meat here and there to keep him sustained. At one point, Chewie hears talk of them possibly throwing him a living bit of sustenance. The novel reveals that everyone's favorite wookiee never quite got that desperate.

"He hadn't gotten that hungry. Not yet."

This probably comes as a bit of a relief, as it may be a tough pill for some fans to swallow if they had to think of Chewbacca as a vicious maneater. That's not to say that Chewie doesn't have a dark side. He famously killed himself a couple of porgs in The Last Jedi to deal with his hunger. Though, he ultimately couldn't bring himself to eat them after some of his new bird pals looked on in horror. Then again, that may be worse, as those porgs died for no reason. But hey, at least he doesn't eat people, right?

Director Ron Howard didn't have a lot of time to spend with Chewbacca in captivity prior to Han arriving there, so this couldn't really have been explored in Solo. Howard had enough on his plate in trying to put out the massive dumpster fire he walked into. Opinions on how well he managed that task may vary, but the movie failed to cross the $400 million mark at the box office, which is pretty amazing for a Star Wars movie. The Solo novelization is available now at a bookstore near you or via digital retailers such as Amazon, if you feel the need to read the whole thing for yourself. This news was previously reported by Nerdist.

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