Self-proclaimed nerd of all trades Simon Pegg, who has already conquered the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises, is breaking through to the Holy Grail of the sci-fi world with his first voice role on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He will be portraying legendary fan favorite bounty hunter Dengar, who was first introduced in 1980's Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.

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Simon Pegg will play Dengar in Episode 4.22: Bounty, which debuts this Friday, March 22nd on Cartoon Network. This is what the actor had to say about taking on such an iconic role.

"Dengar is one of the elite. If you're on Darth Vader's bounty hunter speed dial, you are the best in the galaxy. It was a total honor to play this mysterious, hard man from my favorite Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back."

Episode 4.22: Bounty finds Dengar teaming up with Boba Fett, Bossk, and bounty hunter newbie Asajj Ventress to protect a valuable shipment being sent through the interior of a planet via hoverrail. Of course, forces conspire to pry this precious cargo from their greedy fingers.