Rogue Squadron has officially joined the Star Wars canon. Not only that, but the origin story of the famed group of fighter pilots has been revealed. Specifically, in the pages of Marvel Comics' Star Wars #52, it's been revealed how the group got their name. As it turns out, Luke Skywalker decided to name the group in honor of a certain fallen Rebel hero that helps provide some connective tissue between Rogue Squadron and the movies.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Marvel's Star Wars #52. It turns out Luke Skywalker felt that naming Rogue Squadron after Jyn Erso from Rogue One would be a proper way to honor her legacy. During the events of the latest issue of the main Star Wars comic, the Empire attacks the Mako-Ta Space Docks, which leads to Han Solo having to outmaneuver Darth Vader. Despite the Empire's efforts, the Rebels' cruiser hangar bay doors weren't properly disabled and Luke, along with his fellow pilots, were able to fight back and win the battle. As Luke speeds toward the hangar bay door, he waxes philosophically about Jyn Erso.

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"Well, I guess this is what Jyn Erso felt like."

Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso led the attack on Scarif with the Rebel group tasked with stealing the Death Star plans. Upon leaving, they declared the name of their ship to be Rogue One, since they didn't have the blessing of the Rebellion leadership for the mission. After Luke brings up Jyn, his buddy and Rebellion hero Wedge Antilles replies with, "So, flight leader, what's our call sign?" Luke then answers back saying, "You know Wedge, if we're acting like Jyn Erso, I have to disagree. It is time for sentiment." Then Luke announces the name of their new fighter pilot group.

"Rogue Squadron, form up."

The closes Rogue Squadron ever got to canon was in The Empire Strikes Back when the Rebel pilots on Hoth were referred to as Rogue Group. Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 and decided to throw out the expanded universe in favor of taking control of the canon, which was pretty messy and somewhat unregulated previously. Lucasfilm's story group has found very creative ways to bring in things from what is now called Legends and making theme canon again. Rogue Squadron is just the latest example. Grand Admiral Thrawn was also resurrected in Star Wars Rebels, which is possibly the most noteworthy example to date.

Rogue Squadron was featured across several platforms in the old Star Wars expanded universe. There were the N64 and GameCube video games, as well as the very popular series of X-Wing novels by Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston. Bringing the fighter group into the new canon by tying them to the fallen heroes of Rogue One was a pretty nice touch. You can check out the key panel from Marvel Star Wars #52 for yourself below.

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