Marvel's Star Wars #2 comic reveals Lando Calrissian's secret deal with Jabba the Hutt after The Empire Strikes Back. In the movie, we're introduced to Billy Dee Williams' Lando, who proves to be just as much of a scoundrel as Han Solo is/was. While he feels bad for selling his old "friend" out to the Empire in the movie, the new comic proves that he was still struggling with looking out for his own best interests, even when promising Leia Organa that his intentions were pure with the Rebellion.

Star Wars series comic writer Charles Soule has been delving into the franchise's past and creating connective tissue to the sequel trilogy and beyond. In the first issue, he revealed that Luke Skywalker had already started to question his Jedi fate and the Force after The Empire Strikes Back, supporting Rian Johnson's take on the character in The Last Jedi. Now, we're taking a further look at Lando Calrissian and his true motives after the second installment in the original trilogy.

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In Star Wars #2, we learn that Leia is torn between her allegiance to the Rebellion and attempting to save Han Solo from Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt. We all know what she chooses to do, thanks to Return of the Jedi, which is where we see Lando redeeming himself. The comic also reveals that Lando has lost all power he had as Cloud City's baron administrator, which is why he wants to go to Tatooine and talk with Jabba the Hutt, though Leia doesn't know that. She believes he's going to get intel on saving Han Solo.

Chewbacca joins Lando as they head to Tatooine, in the Millennium Falcon even though Leia is still weary of trusting him. Once they land, Lando goes to talk to Jabba and learns that the space gangster has no idea that Boba Fett has Han Solo in his possession. With that in mind, Lando tries to broker a fuel deal in order to get back to Cloud City, asking for fighters to take his city back from the Empire. However, Jabba doesn't need the fuel deal since he already struck one with the Empire. Lando is set to be executed, but offers up information on the Rebellion to save his own neck.

Star Wars #2 finds Lando Calrissian's motives are still questionable, though he's on his way to doing the right thing as he returns to Leia and Luke Skywalker. Hopefully the third issue will delve into what exactly snapped for Lando and made him fully commit to the Rebellion. Was it only because he no longer had his own power? We'll just have to wait for the next issue. For now, you can head over to Marvel Comics to pick up a digital or physical edition of the latest comic book.

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