Bad news for travelers on this May the Fourth. Flights to Alderaan have been unexpectedly canceled. It's Star Wars Day and Heathrow airport has decided to celebrate by offering fake flights to some of the most famous planets in the galaxy. The busy airport tweeted out a message this morning announcing their new travel packages to such unique places as the Death Star (that's no moon), Jakku, and Tatooine, just to name a few.

Star Wars Day, aka May the Fourth, started as a pun on "may the Force be with you," and has become an international phenomenon that Lucasfilm now officially celebrates along with fans. Heathrow airport decided to get in on the fun this year by offering up some awesome, and detailed, flights around the galaxy. For instance, the flight to Alderaan has been canceled for obvious reasons and the flight number was LE1A, for Princess Leia. Additionally, the flight to the Death Star is TIE-11382 and has a warning that it might be a trap underneath the fake flight listing.

Visitors of the Heathrow airport have been taking pictures of the Star Wars Day joke and posting it all over social media. Zurich airport was also impressed with the London airport's Star Wars knowledge and gave them props on Twitter. The airport announced their special celebration on Twitter, again full of Star Wars references. The announcement reads.

"Good morning from Heathrow. The force is strong with us today and we've got some special new routes. Will you be travelling to galaxies near... or far, far away?"

Star Wars fans celebrate May the Fourth in all kinds of different ways that have evolved over the years. It used to be a day of marathon viewings of all of the movies in the franchise, but it has grown into something much more now. Obviously when an airport starts listing flights to Kashyyyk to go hang out with Wookies and announces that all crossbows must be checked, it's proof that this has gotten a lot bigger than just a play on words. Lucasfilm has some big announcements for the day as well, revealing that tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story are now on sale.

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There are plenty of more awesome ways that fans all over the world are celebrating Star Wars Day, which will be popping up soon. However, it seems that almost every day is Star Wars Day when Lucasfilm releases two brand-new movies within 5 months of each other. There's been a lot of cool ways to celebrate May the Fourth over the years, but Heathrow airport may have just landed themselves in the top ten list of best stunts pulled on this special day. You can check out a picture from one of the terminals offering up the Star Wars flights below, courtesy of the Heathrow Airport Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick