Good lord, what is going on in the White House? Why, nothing more than a little Star Wars dance party! And if there is one thing President Obama loves, it's his Star Wars. Along with his wife Michelle, the POTUS showed off his dance moves yet again, grooving to tunes provided by R2-D2.

Sure, it looks a little crazy. But it was all done in good fun to celebrate May 4th, which is known worldwide as Star Wars Day. Many fans joined in the festivities yesterday by binge watching all seven live-action Star Wars movies and greeting friends and neighbors with the 'May the 4th Be With You' salute. We're not sure if Barack and Michelle ended their day with a viewing of The Force Awakens in the Oval Office screening room, but they sure look to be having a lot of fun.

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President Obama welcomed R2-D2 into the Oval Office, where the astro-mech droid started to blast out a grooving space tune. It's too much for First Lady Michelle Obama, who is the first to get her feet moving, bringing in the iconic robot and temping her husband to join along. It's actually Barack who calls the Stormtroopers in to really turn up the heat on the dance floor.

The White House has now shared a video of this grooving galactic funk party, which finds the First Couple shaking their 'groove thang' to the sounds of Bruno Mars' hit single Uptown Funk. As the music plays, Michelle exclaims, 'This is my favorite song!'

It's fun to watch President Obama raise the roof alongside R2-D2, but this isn't the first time the President has brought Star Wars into the White House. Back in December, The POTUS infamously called a press conference short so he could attend a special screening of The Force Awakens alongside Gold Star Families (those who have lost loved ones in the Iraq war}. Cutting his end-of-the-year speech off, he told those in attendance, "Okay, everybody, I gotta get to Star Wars!" Now, you can watch him celebrate in style as he throws down with his wife and a few members of the First Order.