Rian Johnson and John Williams took to social media to share a special message on this 4th of May 2017. What could it be? A snippet of the new soundtrack? Maybe a teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Nope, none of that. Instead we have Johnson and Williams wishing us a nice day and a little "May the fourth be with you." Which is a really nice gesture and pun, all sarcasm aside. They're incredibly busy trying to get The Last Jedi ready for it's opening later this year.

The Official Star Wars Twitter account posted a short video clip of Williams and Johnson in the recording studio while they work on post-production for The Last Jedi. Williams began his process much earlier this time around as Johnson wanted to edit to Williams score, which is more than a little unorthodox, but makes complete sense if you think about it. Usually the music is the last thing to be added and is made to the film. This method seems backwards and really difficult for both parties, but this is the standard way that movies have been made for years. There are benefits for both, but it makes a lot of sense to edit to Williams original score since the music is such a big component of the Star Wars movies.

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May the 4th was a clever pun that has now turned into a Star Wars holiday for diehard fans across the globe. What started as a grassroots tradition is now officially recognized by Lucasfilm and the Star Wars universe. Most fans spend the day watching all of the films in an order that makes the most sense to them, sometimes omitting one or two (see what I did there?) and cooking Star Wars themed recipes, like C-3PO 5 Galaxy Dip and Wookie Cookies.

It is likely that it'll be a little while longer before we see the official trailer for The Last Jedi since the teaser just came out less than a month ago. But that gives fans plenty of time to dive into the recently released Rogue One and checkout the score by Michael Giacchino. Giacchino did a wonderful job of taking certain themes and motifs from Williams adding them into the movie for nostalgic flavor as well as continuity. Giacchino also rearranged a lot of the same notes from the original score and made something that was completely new, but familiar. And if you're not into that, you can check out the fan-made battle scene that overdubs Williams's score over Giacchino's, just go search for it on Youtube.

With recent reports the The Last Jedi will have a more ominous tone than The Force Awakens, but definitely not like The Empire Strikes Back, fans are starting to get more than a little antsy. The teaser was not enough for some fans, so it's back to the rumor mill. What will Leia's role in the movie be? Who is Rey? What's a good recipe for Wookie Cookies? Those are questions that will be answered at a later time and definitely not on the official Star Wars holiday like today. For now, enjoy this Star Wars Day treat.