What does The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson have to hide? Perhaps nothing. But the divisive Star Wars filmmaker is raising plenty of eyebrows after deleting over 20,000 Tweets from his Twitter account in light of James Gunn's firing from Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Most everyone knows the story by now. Gunn's vulgar and offensive tweets about rape and pedophilia were unearthed from ten years ago. Disney quickly fired Gunn from directing the next sequel in the Guardians franchise. Many have supported the studio's decision to get rid of the director, especially since he's working on a kids' movie. Over the weekend, though, more and more fans and celebrities have come out in support of Gunn, despite his apparent ties to a convicted pedophile and his admittance at middle age that stories about monkeys masterbating on children make him extremely happy. A petition was even started to get the director rehired, which thousands of people have signed.

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As the James Gunn story was breaking, many watched in real time as the director deleted over 10K tweets from his account. It was too late, though, and the damage was done. Soon after, it was noticed that others in the Entertainment Industry were deleting their past Twitter histories. Yesterday, it was reported that Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon snapped his fingers like Thanos and made his entire Twitter account disappear, after an old comedy skit resurfaced that showed Harmon simulating baby rape on a life-like doll. He has since apologized, and as of now, he's keeping his job at Cartoon Network.

While Twitter accounts are depleting at a substantial rate, perhaps one of the most notable deletions is that of The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. Since the weekend, he has removed over 20 thousand musings from his Twitter account. What did these bon mots contain? No one really knows at the moment, and none of his fans or foes can remember him tweeting anything so egregious that it needed to be excised from existence.

Rian Johnson is set to direct a new Star Wars trilogy outside the Skywalker saga. It was the Youtube channel John Talks Star Wars that first noticed a bunch of Johnson's tweets had disappeared from existence. He has screenshots in the video that purportedly show Johnson's Twitter was once at 22.3K tweets. That number has dwindled substantially to 1,126 tweets. Even though he purged these tweets, anyone can go discover what they contain on the Wayback Machine, which archives web pages.

Those brave enough to go back and dig through this massive weight of words have not come back with anything as scandalous as the garbage jokes James Gunn wrote about having sex with young kids. Johnson may just be clearing his cache as a safety precaution. But what's the point if people can go find those tweets if they really want to?

Despite this giant social media cleanse, Rian Johnson has remained active on twitter since he went in and vacuumed up his walls. James Gunn, on the other hand, hasn't tweeted since July 19. He's definitely stepped away from the land of social interaction on the Internet. It is possible that Disney and Lucasfilm told Johnson to go clean up any potential messes so they wouldn't have to fire him later, too.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange