Was Luke Skywalker eating Gorton's Fish Sticks on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back? It is a question fans have had for years. What was in that snack tray? Today, Mark Hamill has finally answered that question. And let's just say his breath was probably a lot fresher than Yoda's. Answering a fan question on Mark Hamill's official Twitter, the iconic Star Wars actor had this to say.

"I remember mixed nuts/mint & orange Tic-Tacs/sesame sticks/crackers- basically airline food. #DegobahDelicacy #SwampPlanetSnacks #YoDaWorst"
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The scene in question happens just moments before Luke Skywalker's first fateful meeting with Jedi master Yoda. He is sitting in the swamps of Dagobah with his trusty droid sidekick R2-D2. He pulls out a small box and unenthusiastically begins snacking away at sticks and other edibles. It's one of the few times in any of the trilogies that we actually see a character take a moment from the action for a little nourishment. Probably the other most notable scene of this kind is shared between Anakin Skywalker and Padme in Attack of the Clones. But we all know they're eating space fruit in that scene.

Luke is actually eating from a Rebel rations kit. Which doesn't have the most delicious food contained within. As noted, Hamill's face isn't acting. The stuff in that box tasted terrible on Dagobah and on Earth. It wasn't ever meant to be a gourmet meal on any planet.

This snack rations scene is also memorable in Empire, because we get to see Yoda try some of the food, which he immediately deems terrible. Skywalker grabs the box away from the tiny green wrinkled Jedi master and exclaims with his signature whine, 'Hey, that's my dinner!'

In response, Yoda frowns, wondering, "How do you get so big eating food of this kind?' Even though he won't reveal his true identity. Yoda later tries to make up for plundering Luke's snake tray by making a delicious Jedi stew, which we can only assume is made from Dagobah snakes and other twigs found on the mud planet.

We've included the Tweet below. Hardcore Star Wars fans have already started hassling Mark Hamill, who returns as Master Jedi Luke Skywalker in this December's The Last Jedi, for misspelling Dagobah. He spells the planet Degobah. Perhaps trying to spark his own Mandela Effect controversy with a big old Troll. The actor can probably be forgiven. It's been a long time since he set foot on the planet. And it doesn't sound like anyone is heading back there soon in the upcoming movies.

That said, there is a Yoda standalone movie that is in development. Perhaps we'll see Yoda's exile days on the planet, as the tiny master flashes back to his early days in the training academy. Modeling the Yoda movie on Better Call Saul and its story structure might actually be pretty cool. But that's a discussion for another day.