Star Wars: Episode III: Although rumors say that Star Wars: Episode III may be the longest film of the prequels, producer Rick McCallum said the exact opposite to The Daily Telegraph.

Despite internet rumours that Episode III will be the longest of the Star Wars films, McCallum insists it will be no longer than any of the other prequels. RELATED: From Star Wars to Jedi 1983: Relive the Magic of Making the Original Trilogy

"We are hoping it will be the shortest of all of them but it will probably end up at about exactly the same time - two hours and 10 minutes," he says.

With Star Wars: Episode IV so ingrained in fans' minds and many aspects of the film being absorbed into everyday popular culture, Lucas and McCallum are faced with quite a challenge to bridge the gap from the prequels to the original trilogy.

"This is about not really moving from II to III, this is about linking III to IV and tying up all the loose ends," McCallum says.

"So somebody who doesn't understand Star Wars can start with Episode I and follow the whole saga, the whole family all the way through.

"Personally, I think this is the coolest of the lot but I also thought that about Episode I and II."