Star Wars: Episode II: Lucasfilm today unleashed upon the movie going public a press release that is very exciting. According to the official site starting November 1st 72 IMAX screens across the nation will begin showing Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Jim Ward of Lucasfilm was quoted as saying, "Star Wars: Episode II The IMAX Experience will provide an entirely new way to experience the Star Wars universe,"

Jersey has posted up an impressive gallery of stills from the set of the 6th Kevin Smith film which is currently filming in and around Philadelphia. There are also a few news bites concerning the supposed romance brewing between Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

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Freddy Vs. Jason:' target='_blank' >Cinescape is currently running the news that Brad Renfro (Apt Pupil) has backed out of the set to be filmed Freddy Vs. Jason and is being replaced by Jason Ritter. Ritter, currently starring in Swimfan will be playing the "hero" inthe film that Freddy manipulates against Jason. Soudns like good stuff ahead!

Gangs of New York:Aint it Cool has a reader who was at the New Jersey test screening of Martin Scorsese's opus Gangs of New York last night. The reader gives an excellent review of the film and even some insight into the crowds reaction. Stay tuned to Lights Out because later this week we'll have a script review of this much anticipated film.

Pirates Of The Carribean: According to Reuters, a fire broke out on the set of Pirates this morning at about 9:30AM. No one was injured. A spokeswoman commented that "It was part of the construction process that started it.". Shooting may or may not have to resume in another location. This will not be determined until damage can be assessed.

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