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The big question is...DOES LIGHTS OUT HAVE THE NEW "MYSTERY: TRAILER AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD? Find out in Light's Out Star Wars Hype section!
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Student is hosting one of my movies! My life goal being to reach #1 on the top ten can only be attained with your help! Click here, watch it, review it, tell your friends about it and make them show it to their extended families! Shameless self promotion is what independent movie life is all about!! While it lacks the regurgitation of half digested dairy products, it does have a cute girl in a short skirt- and the 500th viewer gets an autographed Army of Darkness Directors Cut Limited DVD!!! (Not really).

Never before would people have thought an insane guy dressed as a robotic flying goblin would be so cool. Never before would people take the word “Goblin” (somewhat) seriously. But times change, as did the appearance of Spider Man’s weird looking adversary. Check out Sam Raimi’s interpretation of the Green Goblin on the new Spidey poster right here.

Super big budget guru and Pearl Harbor/Armageddon director Michael Bay is going independent! That is if you consider a movie being bought by a company loosely affiliated with Disney independent. Bay’s company (conveniently called) Bay Films has opened a low-budget division, in which unknown directors will get a stab at making it big. First on the list: “Stay,” screenwriter David Benioff’s story which was recently bought by New Regency for $1.8 million.

How do the crazy Pixar people come up with such box office destroying flicks as Monsters Inc and Toy story? With Tiki themed offices and fooseball! (Duh). Take a look inside the headquarters of Disney’s favorite animation studio and be jealous of the stupid ass job you have.

What color is this red shirt? How old is the 50 year old man standing over there? Why did the N’Sync movie flop? Find out the latter with Entertainment Weekly, as a totally pointless article points out totally obvious answers. Is it worth your time? No, but it’s still kinda funny knowing that it exists.

Watch Midnight right now! ~Steve

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