Star Wars: Epsiode III: Producer Rick McCallum wrapped up principal photography on Star Wars: Episode III at Fox Studios Australia at 6:42 pm Wednesday, September 17.

The originally scheduled 12-week shoot wrapped five days ahead of schedule, something McCallum praises his cast and crew for. "It's almost unheard of for a major motion picture to come in under-schedule. I have the hard working and highly skilled crew, as well as our talented cast, to thank for such an achievement."

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Postproduction will commence immediately in Marin County, California, where director George Lucas, Rick McCallum, editors Roger Barton and Ben Burtt and the visual effects team at Industrial Light & Magic will work a solid schedule through to the film's release in 2005.

"Shooting the film is only a small part of the whole process," says McCallum. "George is enthusiastic about getting back to the Ranch and starting the next component. This will enable him to start thinking about what he needs to pick up when we shoot in March 2004. For George and I, this is only the mid-way point. We still have eighteen months to get through."