Star Wars Episode III: In the latest issue of the official Star Wars newsletter, Homing Beacon, producer Rick McCallum commented on the status of the script for the final movie.

"We get our preliminary first draft of the script next week, which we're very excited about," said McCallum from Fox Studios in Sydney where pre-production work has begun.

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Lucas will then produce a more formal first draft with revisions being made right up until filming commences. McCallum also remarked about George that, "He's been talking a lot about how this movie fits with Episode IV in some very cool and unexpected ways."

Production is currently scheduled to begin on or around the end of June and will wrap sometime in September.

"Actors will begin arriving in Australia sometime in the summer. But stunt coordinator Nick Gillard has met briefly with both Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor in the United States," McCallum said. "Hayden is coming shortly to begin massive rehearsals, stunt rehearsals. We expect Ewan in the next four to five weeks. He's starting to work on all the fight sequences in the movie, which I think will be extraordinary".

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