Will C3PO be in Star Wars: Episode VII? That was the question posed /will-c3po-be-in-star-wars-episode-vii/back in November after it had been /r2-d2-is-in-star-wars-episode-vii-and-hes-fan-made/revealed that R2D2 was coming out of retirement as the first confirmed cast member of the long awaited sequel. Now, French movie magazine Studio Cine Live has unveiled the cover for their upcoming latest issue, which offers a look at a decidedly aged and tarnished C3PO holding a seven, in support of their exclusive expose on Star Wars: Episode VII.

C3PO in Star Wars Episode VII Studio Cine Live Magazine Cover

This does not confirm that the droid will be in the movie, but its probably pretty likely, as George Lucas has always claimed that these two droids were the connective tissue between the ongoing saga.

At the time R2D2 was confirmed to return, Director J.J. Abrams made the following statement about R2's inclusion.

"How do you do Star Wars without R2D2?"

Thing is, he refused to comment on C3PO.

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"They have different agents."

What do you think of C3PO's new look? And are you excited by his possible return in this upcoming sequel?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange