We still have more than two years to go before J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters. To help pass the time, three elementary school kids from Encino Charter Elementary in Encino, California (and a few adults) made their own version of this highly-anticipated sequel entitled Star Wars: Episode VII: Return of the Junior Jedi that is well worth a look-see. Watch as these inventive kids create their own unique light saber duels, sock puppets, and much more, then check out a description of how this video came to be.

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"With fresh excitement over the making of a new Star Wars movie, three children (and some, ahem, adults) set out to make a trailer for a possible Episode 7. Shooting in beautiful Los Angeles including famous Vasquez Rocks and supplementing with VFX and sounds inspired by Star Wars, this short teaser asks the question what a galaxy far, far away be like with Junior Jedi protecting it. Winner - Best Group Project. Premiered at Encino Charter Elementary School Movie Night on April 27, 2013."