Will Gary Oldman take an undisclosed role in Star Wars: Episode VII? No deal is in place yet, but the actor himself reveals that LucasFilm has called, and that they are interested in having him join the cast in some capacity.

Skyfilms recently sat down with Oldman, who has a pretty substantial role in the upcoming RoboCop reboot as a scientist responsible for the creation of this half-man/half-machine cyborg police officer. Near the end of the interview, when the reporter lists off the actor's many accomplishments in the biggest genre films of our generation, which include appearances in the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes sequel alongside substantial roles in Harry Potter and Batman, the subject of Star Wars: Episode VII was thrown into the mix. And it seems that J.J. Abrams assertion that LucasFilm has reached out to every actor in Hollywood is somewhat true.

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This is what Gary Oldman had to say about taking on the Force, whether it be the light or dark side.

""They've called, yeah. I'm more cynical about it (casting) now; I believe it when I'm on the plane home. You know, the deal isn't done (until then). But yeah, they've inquired. I mean, Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter, Batman and...Star Wars? Bloody hell..."

This does not mean Gary Oldman will appear in the highly anticipated sequel, which has yet to confirm one single cast member besides R2D2 over the course of a year and a half.

Do you want to see Gary Oldman in Star Wars: Episode VII? Who do you think he would play? You can watch the interview embed here: