Watch every Star Wars death from all of the movies and cartoon series in the franchise thus far in one giant fan-made supercut. The Star Wars movies and shows aren't overly violent, but the main premise is about wars, right? Fans tend to cheer when villains are killed and cry when the heroes are killed like for instance when Han Solo was killed by Kylo Ren. That was a huge bummer. Or even the entire cast of Rogue One getting wiped out, that was a bummer too, no matter how great their deed was. Have you ever wondered about the characters whose name you don't even know? Wonder no more because today you'll get to see them all in a brilliant tribute.

YouTube user CT 5555 has put together a killer supercut of every death of a character with a name from the entire Star Wars franchise. They're all here, every single one of them in this 30 minute long clip that is put together in chronological order. Star Wars isn't typically brought up when one thinks of violence, but when you see them all here in one cut, many characters have been killed off in a galaxy far far away. The video incredibly names all of the characters as well when their deaths show up on screen. A lot of care and effort when into this morbid piece of fun.

After watching the entire supercut one has to wonder why CT 5555 didn't stage a fake death of Jar Jar Binks. It's not cool to wish anyone dead, but Jar Jar may be the exception to laws of the Force. At least a Jar Jar action figure in the microwave, melting into obscurity or a rabid dog eating an action figure. The point being that it would have been extremely easy to pull off a death of Jar Jar Binks and probably could get some more viewers. Maybe CT 5555 can add it in after The Last Jedi opens.

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There are characters in the fan-made supercut that even the craziest Star Wars fanatic might not recognize them all, 3,228 characters to be exact. What's even crazier is to think that a lot of the characters were made into action figures. Kenner alone released over 100 action figures for the original trilogies, so that's not even counting anything after 1985. The Star Wars franchise killed a lot of characters, more than one would have thought if just asked the question point blank without any frame of reference. And now you have that trivia, thanks to CT 5555 and his comprehensive supercut.

With The Last Jedi and the spin-offs coming our way, there's bound to be a lot more death and destruction as well and we're sure CT 5555 will be there to chronicle it for us. Maybe a petition can get started to add a fan-made death of Jar Jar. Together we can accomplish anything. Watch the fan-made supercut of all 3,228 named characters below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick