Lucasfilm has announced that the Star Wars Fan Film Awards is now known as the Fan Awards. The Star Wars Fan Awards has been expanded to include photo and visual art categories in addition to the existing fan films category. Lucasfilm is rewarding the creativity of fans and if you would like to participate, you have from July 18th to September 17th to submit your entry. Think you can make a better version of The Last Jedi than Rian Johnson? Now's your chance to prove that the Force is with you.

The categories for the Star Wars Fan Awards are as follows. Videos - Long (Up to 5 Minutes) and Short (Up to 15 Seconds): Best Animation, Best Stop Motion, Best Comedy, Best Choreography, Best Visual Effects, Audience Choice, Filmmaker Select, and Spirit of Fandom. Photos: Best Scene-Inspired Photo, Best Family Portrait, Best Throwback Photo, Best Original Concept, Funniest, Best Pet Photography, Best Star Wars Food Presentation, Best in Show, and Audience Choice. Visual Art: Best Digital Art, Best Poster Art, Best Custom Costume, Best 2-D/Traditional Art, Best 3-D/Physical Art, Best Custom Figure, Best Custom Diorama, Best in Show, and Audience Choice.

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Winners of the Star Wars Fan Awards will be chosen by a panel of Lucasfilm judges, with the Audience Choice award decided by the fans. The event will culminate in a special episode of The Star Wars Show, announcing winners and featuring a few exciting surprises. It isn't clear when the event will take place, but it will more than likely be at the end of the year, or early next year. This is an exciting time for creative Star Wars fans to be recognized for their talents.

All of the negativity surrounding The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story has taken over social media whenever the franchise is discussed, which has sent actress Kelly Marie Tran to close out her social media accounts. Hopefully the excitement for Star Wars 9 paired with the Fan Awards will set up some positive interactions amongst fans in the near future. While Solo has pretty much tanked at the box office by Lucasfilm standards, it's still in the top ten at the box office and could lead to some interesting fan-made films based off of the events of the original movie.

There's plenty of time to get all of your Star Wars creative juices flowing, so hit the drawing boards to prepare. The end of the year will be an exciting time to see what all of the fans have submitted for the Audience Choice Award. The new upgraded Star Wars Fan Awards should provide a wealth of awesome material for everybody to come together and vote for. Let's hope that fans keep the positivity when submitting and voting for their peers. You can head over to for more information as well as the rules for the contest.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick