There's no shortage of fan theories when it comes to Star Wars, and it seems like today we are exposed to them more than ever thanks to various fan generated websites and blogs. But these fan theories are nothing new. And in fact, they're as old as the Star Wars universe. Who is Snoke, is he a wrinkled up Jar Jar Binks? Who are Rey's parents? Would all of the Ewoks and half of Endor been destroyed during the Ewok Holocaust when the Death Star was blown to smithereens? Lucasfilm Story Book creative executive Pablo Hidlago decided to share an old theory from 1980 to show just how absurd these conspiracy theories look through the lens of time.

Hidalgo started a thread on his own official Star Wars Twitter, sharing a bonkers Star Wars fan theory from a 1980 Fantastic Collectors Edition magazine that bravely proclaimed that Jedis are clones of Jesus. Luke and Darth Vader are clones created by the Jedi, aka the "Jesus Eugenics Development Institute" and Boba Fett is Luke's true father "Roberta." Apparently "Roberta" Fett was the other one that Yoda refers to in The Empire Strikes Back, which we know to be untrue thanks to The Return of the Jedi. Obi-Wan is a clone of Jesus Christ, did you know that?

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The magazine attempts to answer the Who, What, Why, and Where about The Empire Strikes Back to set up Return of the Jedi and it pays particular attention to Boba Fett. Boba Fett has always been a fan favorite, but did you know that he was originally a she? Darth Vader lied to Luke about being his father and Boba Fett is the real father, check out the paternity test again, Maury. "Roberta" Fett was thought to be the "last survivor of a group of Commandoes the Jedis exterminated during the Clone Wars, so she could rightfully hold a grudge against all Jedis, including Skywalker. Removing her armor, she tricked Luke's father into falling in love with her, and led him to Vader's trap." Hopefully one day in about 20 years we can look back on all of conspiracies raised and see if they hold up as well as this one.

Star Wars has even gone on to earn its own religion, Jedism. Followers of Jedism use the Force as a guide to live life and have even tried to get Jedism to become an officially recognized religion. Jedism followers believe in peace, justice, love, learning, and benevolence. J.J. Abrams has even proclaimed that Star Wars is more than a movie franchise, that it's an actual religion because of how seriously people love it. But this theory from 1980 is just straight up hilarious. Sure the Force alludes to spirituality and a way of living life, but that's all. It's the classic hero's tale that's as old as storytelling itself.

I can't believe that I didn't know that Jedi is an actual acronym that stands for Jesus Eugenics Development Institute. That's some real imagination right there. Hidalgo's commentary comes at just the right time for Star Wars fans waiting for any type of information about The Last Jedi. It's fun to speculate and think about the theories, but take them with a grain of salt and try to have fun with it. Check out Hidalgo's thread below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick