Back in December 2015, just days before Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters, LucasFilm president and producer Kathleen Kennedy spoke about the possibility of bringing on a female filmmaker for a future Star Wars movie. As of now, only the third Star Wars spin-off does not have a filmmaker attached yet, although another report revaled Disney is planning on releasing a new Star Wars movie once a year, indefinitely, so there will be a lot of new movies coming in the future. During a press conference for Rogue One, in theaters December 16, Kathleen Kennedy revealed that she has met with a number of female directors.

Kathleen Kennedy previously made a controversial statement that a female director who had no experience with big-budget movies would not be "suitable" for a Star Wars movie. Screen Rant attended a press conference, where that previous quote was brought up, as she was asked why this is the case, since some male directors have been given those opportunities without blockbuster directing experience. Here's what Kathleen Kennedy had to say to this question during the press conference, addressing the assumption that Rogue One director Gareth Edwards was hired without any blockbuster experience, which isn't true.

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"That's not true. [Pats Gareth Edwards' shoulder]. This gentleman did Godzilla before we hired him to direct the movie, and that quote was taken out of context. And I, as you can imagine, have every intention of giving somebody an opportunity. So if somebody actually moves through the process of making movies and wants to make a Star Wars movie, and shows that they have actually stepped into the role on that level, of course we're going to consider a woman. That goes without saying. I think there's many. And I've talked to most of them. [Laughter] So, there are many out there."

The report from last year revealed that William Morris Endeavor (WME) talent agent Adriana Alberghetti had secured meetings for four women directors and three female screenwriters to potentially work on unspecified Star Wars projects. While no specific names were mentioned, the agent represents female directors such as Sarah Gavron (Suffragette) and S.J. Clarkson (Marvel's Jessica Jones), and writers Marti Noxon (Fright Night) and Linda Woolverton (Alice in Wonderland). As of now, the only Star Wars project that doesn't have any filmmakers attached is the Third Star Wars Spin-Off Movie, which Josh Trank was attached to direct before he dropped out in May.

Last year's Star Wars: The Force Awakens kicked off a new trilogy, setting a box office record for domestic gross ($936.6 million), although its $2.06 billion global tally fell short of Avatar's $2.7 billion global record. The first spin-off, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, hits theaters on December 16, 2016), with Star Wars: Episode VIII (May 26, 2017), Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo Movie (May 25, 2018), Star Wars: Episode IX (2019) and a Third Star Wars Spin-Off Movie (2020) set to follow, which is rumored to focus on Boba Fett. It remains to be seen if a female filmmaker will in fact sign on to take the helm of a Star Wars movie.