We've still got a handful of months to kill until Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes out. So what are gamers to do until then? Well, if you happen to own an Xbox, you are in luck. Someone has leaked a copy of Star Wars: First Assault, the canceled first-person Call of Duty style Star Wars shooter online. And you can download an Xbox copy of it right now.

Per WWG.com, an unfinished version of Star Wars: First Assault has made its way online for fans to play. Even though the game isn't totally complete, it is definitely playable and it will give you an excellent sense of what the game would have and could have been. Unfortunately, once Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, this is one of the games that wound up being a casualty of LucasArts being shut down. In fact, prior to 2015, Star Wars: First Assault really only existed as an industry rumor. But then a lengthy beta gameplay video leaked online, which served as proof that this game was well on its way to becoming a reality.

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Star Wars: First Assault was intended to be a competitor in the shooter market and would have focused on 8v8 battles in relatively small maps. The game would have showcased a variety of different weapons and would have been something that we had never really seen in the world of Star Wars gaming before. Though, the newer Star Wars Battlefront does have a very first-person shooter vibe to it, even if it doesn't exactly mirror what First Assault was going to be. What is also really interesting about Star Wars: First Assault is that the game was actually intended to be a prologue and lead up to Star Wars: Battlefront 3, which was finally going to be developed by LucasArts.

Star Wars gamers are pretty used to the idea of great sounding games never making it to market. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is another premium example of that, which is a game that fans were clamoring for and, in a way, they still are. DICE's more recent version of Star Wars Battlefront wasn't quite what everyone wanted it to be and didn't have the same feel as the original games did. Other canceled games that never quite got there include a story-driven Darth Maul game, and the infamous bounty hunter game 1313. At least, in this case, we can actually play a little bit of Star Wars: First Assault.

Ever since Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the video games department has definitely been the area that could use the most improvement. The comics, movies, novels and toys have all been well taken care of. Hopefully Star Wars Battlefront 2 can deliver the game we're all waiting for. In the meantime, if you have an Xbox, you can download Star Wars: First Assault for yourself online. We're not providing a link, but it's easy to find. You can also check out the gameplay video from 2015 for yourself below in case you never got the chance.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott