Disney and LucasFilm wanted the secrets of Star Wars: The Force Awakens kept intact as long as possible. Which meant that a comic book adaption of the story wouldn't be seen anytime soon after the sequel's release. Now that changes. Marvel has announced that it is finally giving fans what they want. But we're going to have to wait until this summer!

Marvel announced the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens comic book adaptation at the annual ComicsPRO meeting this past week. Going in-depth into the action seen on screen, Chuck Wendig writes this 5-part miniseries which will bring back all our favorite new characters. ComicBookResources even has our first look at some of the art that will be on display in these anticipated pages. Included is a first look at Finn, Poe Dameron and Rey.

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Art for The Force Awakens comic book comes from acclaimed maestro Luke Ross. He's best known for his work on such titles as Gen13, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Indiana Jones and Captain America. Chuck Wendig is no stranger to this world, either. He's the author behind the 2015 novel Star Wars: Aftermath, which recounts some of the events that happened immediately following Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, connecting it to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is getting special cover artwork from Secret Wars artist Esad Ribic. We don't get a look at those yet, but they will be released in the coming months. Editor Jordan D. White had this to say about the impending comic book release.

"'The Force Awakens' knocked our socks off from the very first time we saw it, and we could not wait to start being able to play with these new, awesome characters! Now, we get to bring all of them to the pages of our comics with an adaptation of the film we loved so much! We're all fans first, so it's all love that is bringing these pages to life!"

Star Wars: The Force Awakens won't be the first time that fan-favorite X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron is seen in the pages of a Marvel comic book. This April, he'll be getting his own series titled, simply enough, Star Wars:Poe Dameron. Star Wars: The Force Awakens limited series will arrive this June. The blockbuster sequel is still playing in theaters nationwide. And Star Wars: Episode VIII is currently shooting at Pinewood Studios in London.

Star Wars 7 Comic Book art Finn
Star Wars 7 Comic Book art Poe
Star Wars 7 Comic Book art Rey
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