Although Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released more than a year ago, fans have been recently treated to a new deleted scene that showcased the late great Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa. Today we have yet another deleted scene that showcases a gruesome confrontation between the iconic wookie Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew), who comes to the rescue of young Rey (Daisy Ridley) after she's being harassed by Unkar Plutt (Simon Pegg). The confrontation doesn't end well for Plutt, who gets his arm literally ripped off by the massive wookie.

This deleted scene surfaced on YouTube over the weekend, but a few months ago, most of this scene already surfaced, although the ending of the scene, where Unkar Plutt's arm gets literally ripped out of his body, was not seen. This new video shows the ending with Chewbacca ripping Unkar Plutt's arm off, after this creature antagonizess the wookie, telling him that "Half a wookie isn't much," while poking at Chewbacca's bandaged arm. As we get see in this full clip, Chewbacca doesn't take too kindly to Unkar's actions, and decides to rip the junk dealer's arm off.

Plutt has somehow managed to track down Rey, who made off with his prized possession, the Millennium Falcon. He finds her with Han Solo, Finn and Chewbacca at Maz Kanata's castle on the planet Takodana. And he makes some wild threats at the girl for having stolen his ship. Rey pulls a blaster on Unkar, but he is able to disarm her. When things begin to get a little rough, that's when Chewy steps in. There is more to this scene that isn't shown, but now that the Collector's Edition has been released, the full scene has arrived online.

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The scene is a direct call back to A New Hope, when Han Solo warned C-3PO that wookies rip limbs off when they lose. And it's basically a bit of fan service that was deemed too over the top for the final film. It doesn't really serve any purpose, nor does it keep the momentum of the plot moving forward. Though, it is fun to finally see this moment none-the-less, especially since we've heard quite a bit about it over the past year.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens shattered box office records upon its debut, grossing over $936 million domestic and $2 billion worldwide. With rave reviews from critics and fans alike, it garnered five Academy Award nominations and took home the BAFTA Award for Special Visual Effects. Featuring new heroes and villains, along with classic characters, thrilling action, and a heartfelt story, Star Wars: The Force Awakens connected with fans and deepened the mythology of Star Wars - and kicked off a new era of Star Wars that will continue with the first in a series of standalone films, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which hit theaters last month and has become the highest grossing domestic movie of 2016. Take a look at this deleted scene for Star Wars: The Force Awakens below.