When Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits Blu-ray and DVD this April, we already know that it will contain several deleted scenes instead of a director's cut. While director J.J. Abrams feels it's unnecessary to show off a longer version of the movie, he doesn't mind sharing some of the moments that hit the cutting room floor. We've already heard what several of these scenes will be, but we don't know exactly how much extra footage there actually is. As it turns out, according to the sequel's two editors, there isn't much.

Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon have been nominated for a Best Editing Oscar at this Sunday's The Academy Awards. And they recently chatted about the experience with independent.co.uk. Asked about the impending Blu-ray and DVD release, and what we might see in terms of fresh footage, the pair revealed that there is a new, never-before-seen Han Solo scene as well as an excised moment with force sensitive desert scavenger Rey. In all, we will get at least 7 deleted scenes included with the home release. Says Maryann Brandon.

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"We have been talking about [the deleted scenes]. But Disney has mentioned to us that - since they're going to be on the DVD treats for viewers - that we should stop talking about them. There aren't a lot. There's one with Harrison Ford, there's one with Rey, but there aren't a lot."

Mary Jo Markey then went onto hint that there might even be 8 or more scenes, depending on how generous J.J. Abrams feels in sharing these moments that weren't deemed good enough for the theatrical release. But she's not allowed to say what these extra scenes may contain. She explains.

"I think there are maybe seven or eight. I don't know if that's a lot. I remember looking at the reel. Actually, I think there are seven."

Neither editor regrets leaving any of these moments on the cutting room floor. Especially since fans are getting the chance to see then this Spring. Says Brandon.

"I honestly think that what is in the film is exactly what needs to be in the film, and what isn't remains fun but not necessary. JJ [Abrams, director] really wanted it to be a two-hour movie, and we did strive to do that. But then, at a certain point, we felt like the film is really working for the very few people that we were able to show it to. So we went back to see if we should add any of the things we left off, and there really wasn't anything that felt like it needed to be in the film. That's always the goal, to get it down to its essence. There were fun things, but it didn't actually have to be in the movie for it to work."

Along with a new Han Solo scene, and another missing moment with Rey, we also know that there is a scene between General Leia and Maz Kanata at the Resistance Base involving Luke Skywalker's old lightsaber. And we'll finally get to see Constable Zuvio in action. There is also a scene that has Maz confronting Stormtroopers, and another where Chewbacca rips the arms of Unkar Platt. What do you think? Are you excited to see some of these scenes return on the Blu-ray and DVD?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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