We know how you can see Star Wars: The Force Awakens early. But if you already have your tickets in hand, don't worry. This special travel package from Air France might not be worth the effort or the bragging rights. News of this special deal comes along with the new international one-sheet for the movie. While the art is very similar to the poster that arrived a few weeks ago, it does get rid of some key characters, while moving Han Solo and Princess Leia to the forefront of the action.

Star Wars 7 is opening in France a full two days before it hits the United States on December 18 (though, there will be Thursday night previews across the country as part of the Star Wars 7 movie marathon). The long-awaited sequel is debuting in that country on December 16, as France traditionally opens their major blockbuster releases on Wednesday instead of Friday. Air France is offering a special deal to U.S. audience members who were either unable to obtain opening night tickets or simply want a unique viewing experience. And don't worry, the movie will be screened in its native English language.

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Air France has partnered with Luc Besson's EuropaCorp Cinemas for this once in a lifetime event. Booking the flight costs as little as $1,400. The special promotion allows Star Wars fans to hop a flight from either San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York on December 15. Once there, they will be given a complementary ride from Charles De Gaulle airport to EuropaCorp's theater in the nearby city of Tremblay. Entry to the movie is included in the price of airfare, with two separate screenings planned. One starts at 12:45 pm and the other starts at 3:30 pm on December 16. Thus far, Air France has received quite a bit of interest in the promotion, but no figures have been released in terms of the amount of tickets sold from the U.S.

While promoting this special offer, Air France is promising the most high-level technology any cinema can provide, with the movie being screened inside a theater designed by Luc Besson. They claim that this will be the 'movie experience for a lifetime!' But there are a drawbacks. While you do get a free ride to the movie theater, and tickets are provided, you will need to secure your own hotel room. And you are not being offered a ride back to the airport. If you want to fly home immediately after the move, you could end up paying as high as $2000 for airfare. The best Air France can offer at this moment as part of the deal is a flight home on December 20th, and by then, all your early screening bragging rights will have gone out the window as most of your friends will have already seen the movie back home.

A spokesman for Air France claims the idea wasn't to offer special tickets for The Force Awakens. Instead, it was meant to serve as an incentive for anyone looking to travel to France during that period of time, with the movie included as an added bonus for flying Air France. If you're seriously considering this deal, you can book your flight at AirFrance.com right now. There are still plenty of seats left. But you have to book the flight before filling in an online form to receive confirmation for this exclusive package.

We only have less than two months until the new Star Wars movie is in theaters worldwide for everyone to see. This might not be the best deal, and sounds like what it is. An opportunity for anyone having to travel to France during this time period to see the movie and not be left out. What do you think? Worth it? Or not worth seeing the movie basically a day early? While you contemplate emptying your lifesavings for the trip, take a look at this international one-sheet. It's not as cool as the one we got in the states, is it?

Star Wars 7 international poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange