With Star Wars: The Force Awakens set to hit theaters in just over three months, Disney still hasn't even revealed an official synopsis yet, even though the studio has released the first two trailers. The first shot of the first trailer showed John Boyega's Finn, a rogue Stormtrooper, but a poster released last month showed the character wielding a light saber, with fans assuming that this movie will showcase his training in order to become a Jedi Knight. Over the weekend, Making Star Wars has discovered new trading cards, which reveals he may not have a Jedi affiliation at all, although another character does.

Each trading card features a picture of the character, along with an insignia that signifies which organization they are affiliated with. Finn's trading card only features the Rebel Alliance insignia, and not the Jedi Order, but, oddly enough, the card for Daisy Ridley's Rey features both a Rebels and Jedi insignia. We haven't seen any footage or photos that have indicated Rey may be undergoing Jedi training, but it is odd that they wouldn't give Finn a Jedi logo on the cards. Along with the Drew Struzan poster that debuted at D23, which showed Finn holding a light saber, a brief preview video showed Finn wielding this light saber, getting ready to battle Kylo Ren.

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Speaking of Kylo Ren, the third card features this nefarious villain, who is shown with the Sith logo. With Finn and Rey's apparent Jedi connections, the big question that remains is who will train them? It's possible that Finn and Rey's journey will mirror that of Luke Skywalker, who wasn't a fully trained Jedi Knight until the third movie in the original trilogy, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. If this is the case, then perhaps we'll see both Finn and Rey as fully-trained Jedi warriors in 2019's Star Wars: Episode IX.

There has been speculation that Rey is the offspring of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), but that has yet to be confirmed. Hopefully the new trailer, which director J.J. Abrams has confirmed will debut next fall, will shed some light on whether or not Finn and Rey are actually training to become part of the Jedi order, and, if that is true, who is training them. We're also hoping the new trailer will finally give us our first look at new and returning characters.

Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker still hasn't been shown in any of the trailers or behind-the-scenes footage so far, and there have been plenty of rumors about what happens to his beloved character in this new story. We know from photos taken from the set that the actor will be sporting a Jedi beard, but that's about the only thing we know for sure about his character thus far. While we wait for new details, check out these trading card images below and let us know what you think.