Disneyland has already sold three of their $25,000 R2-D2 droids at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The hefty price tag is often balked at as visitors check out the new area of the park and many end up going for the much cheaper $100 version, which is also customizable. However, the more expensive version of the iconic droid is pretty much the version you see on the big screen and acts in the same way via remote control.

According to employees at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, three of the R2-D2 droids have sold and they were purchased during the new area of the park's first week of operation. The 3 1/2-foot-tall R2-D2 is sold in the Droid Depot and visitors love seeing him roll around the area as he interacts with guests by chirping and following them around. Most of the time, the droid is hanging out in his own spot, letting people take pictures and admire something they can never afford. With that being said, three of the droids are preparing for shipment.

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Should you end up traveling to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to purchase a $25,000 R2-D2, there are some things you should know. Firstly, there is no discount for annual Disneyland passholders, even if you have the most expensive version. Also, shipping is not included and they will not ship the droid internationally, which also just happens to include Alaska and Hawaii, so there's that. Finally, the droid takes 90 days to construct and ship out, so don't expect to buy one and walk around the park with it all day, showing it off to other Star Wars fans.

If Disneyland was already able to sell three of the $25,000 R2-D2 droids, there will likely be a lot more to come, especially since the new area of the park hasn't even been open for two months yet. In order to even visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, visitors need a reservation, at least for the next few days. After June 23rd, reservations will not be necessary and the general public will be free to roam the new area of the park, though it's unclear if there will be a four-hour time constraint like there is now with the current reservation system.

Currently, this new Star Wars land is only open at the Anaheim theme park. Late August will see the opening of the Orlando expansion. As for The Rise of the Resistance ride, which was originally set to open with the rest of the park, a firm release date has not been set at this time. Disney CEO Bob Iger has said it will open at some point this year. There have been some rumors surrounding the ride and its ties to The Rise of Skywalker slowing down the opening, while others believe there have been some troubles behind-the-scenes. Regardless, you can still go buy a $25,000 R2-D2 right now. The R2-D2 news was first reported by The Orange County Register.