A new Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures animated short has been released and, even though these are aimed at younger viewers, this one is particularly brutal. It centers on Kylo and the Knights of Ren who get into a big scrape with a small group of Resistance fighters. Unfortunately for this small band of rebels, Kylo Ren decides to go full-on Sith Lord on them, channeling his grandfather Darth Vader, ala the end of Rogue One.

Titled "Kylo Ren vs. Resistance Rebels," the Star Wars animated short centers on Kylo Ren and the First Order as they strike fear into the heart of the galaxy. But a small group of daring Resistance fighters risks it all to join the fight. Not to spoil it, but they mostly lose everything in the process. It starts off with Kylo gathering his troops in a hanger, before he and the Knights of Ren arrive on an unnamed desert planet (most likely Pasaana) to help a group of Stormtroopers deal with a pesky band of fighters. Kylo then proceeds to ignite his lightsaber and tear through the group one by one, like a knife through warm butter. It's downright ruthless.

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This barbaric parade of death is undoubtedly, and quite literally, in his blood. The man formerly known as Ben Solo worships his grandfather and, as we've seen, Vader is capable of dismantling large groups of troops just like this. One of the biggest crowd-pleasing moments in 2016's Rogue One, the first ever standalone entry in the franchise outside of the Skywalker saga, was right near the end when Vader goes on a tear, killing a group of Rebels while trying to retrieve the stolen Death Star plans just moments before the events of A New Hope. This animated short certainly bears similarities to that sequence.

Another thing this short does, aside from giving us a tiny bit more screen time with the Knights of Ren, is fuel the Kylo Ren redemption conversation. Given Kylo's repaired mask, this undoubtedly takes place during the events of The Rise of Skywalker. By the end of the movie, Kylo has decided to abandon the Dark Side and returns to being Ben Solo. He helps Rey defeat Palpatine and, before passing on, he is more or less redeemed. But seeing these brutal actions, when coupled with what we've seen in the movies, such as Han Solo's murder in The Force Awakens, it still begs the question, can Kylo truly be redeemed?

Narratively speaking, J.J. Abrams' Episode IX would have us believe the answer is yes. But this is something that will undoubtedly be debated amongst Star Wars fans for years to come. Setting that aside, taken at face value, this is a finely-crafted animated short that provides fans with some additional Kylo Ren action. Feel free to check out the new Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short from the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel for yourself.