Mark Hamill has given the blue milk from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge his seal of approval. The Luke Skywalker actor recently revealed how horrible the original blue milk was on the set of A New Hope, noting that he had to choke it down and that it made him gag. The milk on the set of the 1977 movie was "Long Life" milk with blue food coloring and Hamill claims it was oily and semi-sweet tasting. He also says it was a great acting challenge to make it look like he enjoyed it.

Thankfully, the blue milk being served at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is not going for an authentic feel for how the original stuff tasted on the set of A New Hope. A fan on social media spotted a picture of Mark Hamill at the new area of Disneyland with a cup of the blue beverage and asked fellow fans to caption the photo. Hamill got in on the fun and you can read what he had to say below.

"'Note to self: Remember you're on-camera & Disney signs your paychecks.' (Honestly though: the warm, oily, sickly-sweet milk dyed blue from the movie was gag-inducing -while this frosty non-dairy drink tasted like a yummy fruit smoothie."

A "yummy fruit smoothie," sure does sound a lot better than the stuff Mark Hamill had to drink over forty years ago. With that being said, Lucasfilm stepped up their game for the green milk in The Last Jedi. Instead of making up some weird concoction, they served Hamill regular coconut milk, which they later dyed green in the post-production process. Hamill was very happy about that decision, even though he wasn't super happy about having to milk an alien to get the new treat.

Disneyland's Star Wars attraction opened up earlier this summer at the Anaheim theme park and opened up today at the Orlando location. Within minutes of opening, the new area of the park was already at full capacity much like what happened in California. However, visitors will only have access to the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run until December, which is when the Rise of the Resistance ride opens. California residents will have to wait until January to get in on the upcoming ride.

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Blue milk is just one of the treats you can pick up from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, though you can't bring them all on a plane. The TSA has just announced that the thermal detonator-shaped Coke bottles are not allowed on any flights, so consider yourself warned. It seems everything else you can purchase from the Star Wars area of the park is fair game, even a custom Lightsaber. If you were on the fence about trying the blue milk, you can rest easy and give it a go since Mark Hamill's Twitter review says it's okay for mass consumption.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick