Disney is getting into Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in their latest set of comics of the same name. The first installment of the five-issue run has some fun callbacks to Return of the Jedi. Additionally, there are novels coming out that will give a deeper backstory to the planet of Batuu and its Black Spire Outpost, which is the setting for the new 14-acre themed areas coming to the Anaheim and Florida theme parks. The Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge comics begin to pull back the veil on the mysterious new additions to the iconic tourist destinations.

In Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge #1 comic book, we are treated to a look at a pair of baby sarlaccs, which we all know from Return of the Jedi. Lando Calrissian was nearly devoured by one and Boba Fett was gobbled down with a hearty burp. Most of this new story is told through a flashback with Han Solo and Chewbacca, easing fans into what the world of Batuu will have in store for them when it opens next month in Anaheim and at the end of August in Florida. New outlaws are also introduced in the comic, including two aliens Remex and Wooro, and a human named Kendoh.

The Galaxy's Edge panel at this year's celebration introduced us to Dok-Ondar and his Den of Antiquities. Dok-Ondar is the hammerhead-looking alien who guests of the park will be able to purchase things from, like a custom Lightsaber. However, there is a lot more to this character and his findings over the years, as the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge comic shows. Each and every item in his place of business has a history to it, which will be explained in the comic series.

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According to the Imagineering backstory created for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Batuu was once a big hub of trade and commerce for the first interstellar explorers. However, the outer rim planet was quickly forgotten once hyperspace travel was discovered. A new novel titled, Star Wars: Pirate's Price, describes the outpost as a, "wretched hive of scum and villainy," with huge petrified trees everywhere. The Black Spire Outpost was not something that everybody knew about at first and was only found by pilots with experience.

The Thrawn: Alliance novel by Timothy Zahn previously described Batuu as a "mysterious and brooding" remote outer rim town. The book even names some cocktails that will be available at the cantina when Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens at tag/disneyland/|Disneyland. If that wasn't enough, the mysterious planet will further explored in a young adult novel, Crash of Fate by Zoraida Cordova and a pre-teen novel, Star Wars: Myths & Fables written by George Mann, which are both due out this summer. Disney is going all out for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and fans are going to have some studying to do before they visit the new area of the park. You can check out some images from the first comic below, thanks to the Star Wars Books and Comics Twitter account.

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