Today is the day. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is now officially open for reservations. Disneyland will not allow standby waiting to get into the latest addition to the theme park, which opens on May 31st. Regular park goers without reservations won't be allowed into the Star Wars area of the park until after June 23rd. Fans hoping to get in on the crowds (and fun) before anyone else will have to go over to Disney and create an account in order to make a reservation.

Disneyland is referring to the period between May 31st and June 23rd as a "soft opening." As of 10 AM this morning, you can head over to set up an account and start the reservation process. However, it isn't just that easy. Obviously, you'll need to have the date your attending on lock, but you'll also need all of the names of the people in your party handy (up to six), which you will not be able to change or transfer after the fact. Additionally, everybody will need a proper ID to get into the park to verify it's them on the reservation.

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From there, parkgoers lucky enough to secure a Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge reservation will only be available to stay in the new portion of the theme park for four hours. While that seems like a small amount of time, especially since the Rise of the Resistance ride is not open yet, Disneyland is doing their best to ensure a "comfortable" experience for everybody. They are expecting record-breaking crowds and not even employees will get a sneak peek ahead of the public because of the intense demand.

The good news is that the reservations are free. However, you can get a leg up on the competition if you book a room at the Grand Californian, which is going to set you back some serious cash. Even then, the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge reservation is only open to six people within a party and limited to one visit during a 24-hour period. If you leave the Star Wars area early, you will not be allowed back in. A limited number of regular parkgoers will be able to make reservations, but only for three people.

Disneyland will be offering overnight lineups before the May 31st opening, but if you're lucky enough to get a reservation, it will only be for three people and there are no guarantees. The park will also allow the overnight lineups for the first day Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is open to the public on June 24th. No reservations will be needed after that date, which means things will be getting pretty crowded. It's going to be interesting to see if Disneyland is going to be able to pull this off as smoothly as it sounds. Getting parties out after 4 hours seems like a particularly tough thing to crack down on. Head over to now if you want to make a reservation.