Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens to the public next week and it has some pretty amazing merchandise for sale. One of the best things for sale at the park is a full-size remote controlled R2-D2 droid. It looks and acts just like it does in the movies and at appearances. This is the real deal. This is not a toy, this is your own R2 unit, which you can completely customize to your liking. But, how much is this thing going to cost you?

To purchase the life-size R2-D2, Star Wars fans are going to have to shell out $25,000. Yes, that is the right price. For the price of a pretty nice car, you can take your own R2 unit home with you. However, that price does not include tax or shipping. But what if you have a Disneyland annual pass? Some passes include a 20% discount on merchandise, but that particular discount is sadly not applicable on this remarkable piece of merchandise. Start saving your money or heading out on smuggling missions to get the droid, which features "working lights, sounds, electronics, an aluminum head, wireless remote control, and a charger."

The Droid Depot Shop at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is where you can get your hands on the remote controlled R2-D2. For Star Wars fans who don't have an extra $25,000 to throw around, there is a $99 toy version, which is also customizable and not the full-size real thing. While many are scoffing at the price tag, it's a steal when compared to the $2.76 million one fan spent on complete R2-D2 unit assembled from parts used throughout the production of the original Star Wars trilogy and the first two prequel movies.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge also offers a ton of other merchandise, which isn't always from the best-known characters. This is something hardcore fans will more than likely appreciate. Some of the more pedestrian items people can purchase include a replica of Kylo Ren's mask for $750 or a Stormtrooper armor set for $6,615. Elsewhere, customizable Lightsabers can be purchased alongside official Jedi robes. There's going to be plenty of things for Star Wars fans to drool over when the new addition to the park opens next Friday.

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It's going to be interesting to see how many R2-D2 droids sell at Disney during the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge grand opening. One can easily imagine some fans with an extra 25k laying around forking it over, but for the majority of fans, it will have to be something they witness at the park exclusively. Overall, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is offering up a pretty immersive experience into the franchise, which does not come cheap. The Anaheim park opens on May 31st, while the Florida park opens the new area at the end of August. Slash Film was the first to report about the $25,000 R2-D2 replica.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick