Good news, Star Wars and Disneyland fans. Those shiny metal space sporks that were discontinued after too many were stolen from Galaxy's Edge have returned. Only this time, there is a catch. If you want a space spork to add to your Star Wars collection, you're going to have to pay for it. They're not just handing them out any more, with the hopes that you'll return it when you dump your trash.

Shortly after Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened at Disneyland, it was discovered that quite a few guests were stealing items from the park. And some were even selling these purloined souvenirs on Ebay. One of the most popular items to steal was a metal spork that came with meals ordered inside one of the Star Wars themed restaurants, though Disney wanted costumers to return these sporks when they were done with their meal.

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That didn't often happen. And Disneyland discontinued handing out the utensil, opening for a disposable plastic fork instead. Well, now, the legendary metal space spork has returned. Albeit with a price. Instead of stealing space sporks from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, you will know have to purchase one with your meal for an extra $10.99.

Found inside Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, the space spork is now found included on the updated menu for the sci-fi restaurant. The spork is presented with its own travel bag, so you can safely carry it from the park and back to your kitchen at home. It sure will make for a fun conversation piece at your next dinner party. Sadly, for the time being, it doesn't look like the space spork is being offered at Disney's Hollywood Studios, only in Anaheim.

It was expected from the start that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge would be updating their souvenirs and food items often. But no one expected the coveted space spork to be included on the menu. Stealing various items from the park has slowed down, but there were more changes made after the park opened.

Another popular item to steal that has not been put up for sale are the cards given out to those riding the Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run attraction. The card is used to signify which role the Star Wars tourist will get to play when controlling the interactive ride. The cards are meant to be handed back to a park employee, but quite a few were smuggled out of the park, and at one time could be found going on Ebay for upwards of $400. Some visitors also had a lot of fun stealing menus and glasses out of Oga's Cantina. While the menus aren't yet for sale, many of the glasses can be purchased, and the sales are even encouraged.

Blog Mickey were the first to report that the space spork was now available to purchase. If you haven't yet visited Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, you can see the spork in the bottom photos. They are pretty hefty, and a bargain considering the price of some other souvenirs being sold in the park.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Spork Image #1
Star Wars Galaxys Edge Spork Image #2