Have you ever wanted to get paid for Star Wars Stormtrooper cosplay? If so, it could very well be your lucky day if you live in Southern California. Disneyland is currently accepting applications for new cast members to portray First Order Stormtroopers at the regular part of the park along with the new addition. While this current opportunity is only available for the California theme park, the Florida park will also be hiring people to be Stormtroopers when Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens there later this summer.

There are some qualifications one needs to meet before even attempting to try out. First and foremost, Disneyland needs their Stormtroopers to all be 18-years old and up and be at least 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet. Applicants must also have a slim or athletic build and be able to think on their feet as they have to interact with thousands of people per day while wearing a suit. While these Disneyland cast members technically work for the Dark Side, they'll be expected to make positive memories for a lot of Star Wars fans.

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge applicants must also be prepared to work Friday nights, weekend, and holidays since the First Order doesn't really take days off. This job sounds like a lot of fun in theory, but it also seems like it could be a pretty warm suit to have to wear in the summer time, where even in Anaheim, the temperatures can get pretty high. Another downside could be scaring the living hell out of little kids who truly believe you work for Kylo Ren. Although, some may put that aspect in the positive category.

Another perk of the job will begin early on when Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge first opens next week. Visitors are only allowed into the new area of the park with a strict reservation and are given a color-coded wristband upon arrival. Once in the park, the reservation is only good for four hours and once the time is up, Stormtroopers will be sent out to locate guests and remove them from the new area of the park. This could be fun, but it also sounds like it could turn into a potential nightmare really quickly.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge begins its soft opening May 31st with a reservation-only system. The reservations went live a few weeks ago and immediately sold out in less than two hours. With that being said, the Anaheim park will allow overnight waiting to get in on Thursday, May 30th for the more hardcore fans. The reservation system will end on June 23rd and then it will probably get pretty crazy. Overnight lineups will also be permitted on June 22nd in preparation for the end of the soft opening. If you want to go to work as a Stormtrooper, you can head over to Disney Careers for some more information.