Last week, Carrie Fisher made headlines when she went public with her nearly four decades old affair with Harrison Ford, which went down on the set of the original 1977 Star Wars. Now, the actress is making the rounds to promote her new book which further delves into this sordid romance. And in doing so, she has revealed that Harrison Ford, who is known as a very private person, isn't happy with her decision to expand upon their tryst.

According to Fisher, Harrison Ford told her to 'Lawyer Up' upon learning that she was about to reveal their intimate secret. She then counters that with the fact that he was joking. At leasts she hopes so. While the iconic Princess Leia actress has offered a few juicy tidbits already about her hook-up with the original Han Solo, her memoir The Princess Diarist will offer even more details about how it all went down.

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Harrison Ford was 33-years-old, married with two children at the time he seduced Carrie Fisher, then just 19-years old. The pair were in the midst of filming A New Hope, and neither knew it was going to become one of the most beloved and long-standing film franchises in the history of the medium. They first hooked up after a birthday party for Star Wars creator George Lucas. And it lasted for three months.

At this time, Harrison Ford has not publicly commented on his Star Wars affair. And he has denied all requests from various media outlets to make his feelings known to the public. But Carrie Fisher, who called the affair 'intense', has made it known during her most recent press rounds that her co-star isn't happy with his former flame.

Speaking with The Guardian, Fisher admitted that her feelings for the actor have never completely died off, and that she still holds a torch for Ford forty years after they first worked together. She says this.

"I'll always feel something for him."

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher reunited on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2014, and shared a few memorable scene together where their characters, who had become estranged after their son turned to the dark side, reunited to take down the First Order. Fisher also appeared on The Today Show, where she told Savannah Guthrie that she had forgotten she'd written her journals about her affair with Harrison Ford, and that discovering them was a 'surprise'.

Fisher only discovered the diaries when she went through boxes of her old stuff to find inspiration in falling back into the character of Princess Leia, now a general. Leia will next be seen in next December's Star Wars 8. Fisher goes onto say this.

"I was 19. I was not a sort of cavalier person. I was sad. I was so insecure, and it's very raw. Obviously, I didn't expect anyone - including myself - to read it."

It wasn't long after re-reading her old diaries that she decided to call Harrison Ford on the phone, and disclose her decision to go public. That didn't go well, says the actress. The two have remained lifelong friends. But he was hesitant at first, to say the least. She goes onto explain.

"He's incredibly private. I feel a little bit bad about doing that to him. But yes, I told him I had found the journals and that I was going to publish them. He sort of went, 'Lawyer.' When you're on location-this is something I discovered- everything is permitted. I didn't know that, I haven't been on location since."

Carrie Fisher is continuing to make the press rounds. The Princess Diarist is in stores and available online starting today. It should make for a great read over the holiday season, and the perfect gift for that Star Wars fan in your life. Just don't go looking for Harrison Ford to open up on the matter. It's unlikely that he'll discuss the affair in public. And look out for the interviewee who decided to bring up the subject in presence. Ford is known to be quite prickly at times, and may just get up and walk out with his lips sealed in silence. As it turns, it seems he'd have liked to have kept this one under the covers forever.