This past week, Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher admitted she'd once had a passionate affair with co-star Harrison Ford, who was married at the time with two kids. It all went down during a three month time period on the set of the original 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope. As it turns out, Ford's infidelity mirrored that of his now iconic character Han Solo. His filtration and ultimate love affair with Princess Leia also came at a time when Han Solo was married. To a wookie.

Yes, in original Star Wars lore, Han Solo was married to a wookie. Was it a friend or relative of his life mate Chewbacca? Was the wookie male or female? These are all questions only George Lucas can answer. But the big reveal of Han Solo's marriage comes from a new expose on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special at MentalFloss. The publication caught up with some of the key members of that show's creative team. And they delve deep into the history behind the production. As it turns out, the most shocking thing is that George Lucas confirmed at the time of it's conception that Han Solo was married to a wookie. Leonard Ripps, who co-wrote the special, explains why that couldn't become public knowledge at the time the special was being created.

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"Lucas told us Han Solo was married to a Wookiee but that we couldn't mention that because it would be controversial."

As it stands, the Star Wars Holiday Special is no longer considered official Star Wars canon, even if it does feature the entire main cast of heroes in cameo roles. It is now part of what Disney and LucasFilm refer to as Star Wars Legends. So, when you watch the new Star Wars films, don't think The Force Awakens is tainted by the fact that Han Solo died with a secret wookie marriage under his belt.

In the new canon, Han Solo may or may no be married to Sana Solo, who he hitched up with in the new Marvel comics as part of an elaborate smuggling plan. That storyline is canon, and it is believed that Sana Solo will play a role in the Star Wars: Han Solo spin-off that starts shooting early next year.

The piece on the Star Wars Holiday Special is a great read for anyone interested in the lore behind this TV monstrosity that has gained a cult following over the years. George Lucas has gone on record claiming that he'd like to burn every copy. This new expose offers a peek behind the curtain in terms of why the original cast agreed to do it in the first place.

Apparently, none of them could get out of their contract. It is noted that Carrie Fisher especially didn't want to be there, but they gave her a song at the end of the special that helped win her over. At the time, movie actors didn't do TV because there was a stigma attached. Larry Heider, who was the Camera Operator, had this to say about the main trio that included Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill.

"Harrison Ford was not happy to be there at all. Carrie Fisher, I think part of her deal was she got to sing a song, and that was her draw to it. Because Lucas was involved, and if another movie is coming out in two years, there's pressure to keep going. So they showed up, on time. Mostly. We were doing a scene where Ford was sitting in the Millennium Falcon and he just wanted to get his lines done and he made that very clear. "Can we just do this? How long is this going to take?" Mark Hamill was a good guy. He just had that normal-guy-trying-to-work vibe."

Another funny anecdote to come out of the situation revolves the scene shot inside the Cantina, which features none other than Golden Girls and Maude actress Bea Arthur singing a song with, of all things, Walrusman. Shot on a low budget, it didn't occur to the producers and director that the actors needed to occasionally take their Cantina alien masks off. Says co-writer Pat Proft.

"Took my kid for the Cantina scene. All the characters from the bar were there. However, they forgot [to pump] oxygen into the masks. Characters were fainting left and right."

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directing the Han Solo standalone movie. And they are known for their irreverent humor and inside jokes in films such as 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie, which actually featured Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando in Lego form. It's possible that they could hide a few jokes or references to Han Solo and his connection to Chewbacca's wookie family from the Star Wars Holiday Special. But more than likely. Disney and Lucasfilm will not allow this wookie marriage bombshell to be dropped in any official capacity. Seriously, what was George Lucas thinking?