Star Wars Celebration doesn't officially kick off until Friday, but fans are already arriving in Chicago for the big event, and as expected, some big reveals are leaking before they're ready. The first unofficial drop from the ceremony is a teaser poster for the upcoming hugely anticipated video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The Jedi Fallen Order poster was accidentally revealed early due to Amazon listing the commemorative T-shirt ahead of schedule. Whoops. The product listing has since been yanked down, but that hasn't stopped this gorgeous art from being shared.

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The link to the T-Shirt for Jedi Fallen Order also included some crucial details about the impending game release. They repeat what has already been learned at large. The story will follow a Padawan who survived Palpatine's dreaded Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith, which was shouted fourth to extinguish and kill all Jedi.

The poster shows a Jedi warrior from behind. The individual, who hasn't been revealed as male, female or otherwise, is seen carrying a blue lightsaber. There is a crashed, Republic-era Star Destroyer in the distance. A droid accompanies the Jedi, appearing to scan into the rocky cliffs. Ruins, possibly? The landscape looks very similar to Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker hid himself away before the events seen in The Force Awakens. But that hasn't been confirmed.

More about the game will be revealed during the big Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order panel set for this Saturday morning in Chicago. Earlier in the week, a teaser video was released which showed a lightsaber against a stone laden background. This Jedi depicted in the art is said to be the second known Knight who slipped through Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader's fingers as they set out to crush all Force users. Star Wars Rebels character Ahsoka Tano was another such Jedi who survived.

The Star Wars Celebration panel discussion for Jedi Fallen Order will kick off at 2:30 pm EST. It will be live streamed from EA's Star Wars Twitter channel. You can check out the poster and T-Shirt below, which originally appeared on Amazon before being pulled down.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange