John Boyega just revealed that LEGO sent him a massive Porg after he declared his hatred of the adorable creatures. Before The Last Jedi came out, the Porgs were all everybody could talk about. Some were excited and intrigued by the creatures, while others were sure that their appearance was going to destroy the Star Wars franchise. Boyega, who is not really scared to speak his mind, immediately fell into the camp who hated the Porgs when the movie hit theaters.

In a new interview to celebrate Star Wars Day, John Boyega showed off some of his collection. He has a lot of official merchandise and then things that he claims he stole from the various sets from the sequel trilogy. One piece really stood out during Boyega's tour and that was the giant Porg constructed out of LEGO. "I've even got a Porg," Boyega says. "I've got a lovely Porg over here LEGO sent it to me after I tweeted that I hated Porgs," the actor noted. LEGO's troll level just went up a few notches for this excellent joke. "And it weighs, like - it's so heavy... It's a big-ass LEGO Porg that they gave me. I can't send it back."

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In an interview promoting The Last Jedi, John Boyega said he hated the Porgs and likened them to "cockroaches." He later said he just naturally "disliked" the little creatures. While the Porgs were divisive before the movie came out, they're pretty much the last thing hardcore Star Wars fans discuss currently. Rian Johnson made some pretty controversial decisions that are still being talked about today and the Porgs have generally been forgotten.

John Boyega has a lot of Star Wars memorabilia, which he showed off in the interview. One prop from the movies makes the actor a little emotional. "Then there's the helmet, the X-wing helmet," Boyega said. "I was actually cleaning, doing some dusting, and I saw that there and I kind of started, like, tearing up because I miss Oscar [Isaac], I really, really do." Isaac and Boyega shared a pretty strong bromance throughout the sequel trilogy and more than a few fans, including the actors, wanted a real-life romance to happen on the big screen.

A romance didn't pan out for Finn and Poe, but John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are good friends in the real world. Since today is officially Star Wars Day, many have been wondering what Boyega was going to do in honor of the big day. He intends to watch all nine installments of the Skywalker Saga with his sister, which is going to take up quite a bit of time. For fans celebrating at home, you can check out the video interview and the Star Wars collection below, including the now-infamous LEGO Porg, thanks to John Boyega's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick