Jon Hamm would like a shot at playing a character in the Star Wars universe. The actor did voice Boba Fett for the From a Certain Point of View novelization audiobook, but that apparently is not enough for the former Mad Men actor. Hamm and Nick Offerman were interviewed together on the set of their upcoming Good Omens series and they both spoke about the roles they have wanted over the years.

With Disney taking over Lucasfilm, there have been many chances for Jon Hamm to jump on board the Star Wars franchise, but it appears the opportunity has never presented itself to him. Other than the Boba Fett voicing and a Saturday Night Live sketch, Hamm hasn't had much luck with the Force. When Nick Offerman talked about getting a chance to join The Lord of the Rings franchise and losing the part to someone else, Hamm brought up Star Wars. He explains.

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"My version of that is the Star Wars stuff. There've been more Star Wars things with more people in them. Where's my phone call? I've been a nerf-herder. I get the lingo."

Jon Hamm is more than likely kidding around, but he would really like a chance to be a part of the Star Wars universe. It's obviously too late to get in on The Rise of Skywalker, but there is plenty of time for more roles down the road. Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are developing their own trilogy and there could be a role for Hamm in there somewhere. Additionally, Rian Johnson is reportedly still working on his own trilogy too.

With a franchise as large as Star Wars, everybody wants in on the action and people have openly begged and pleaded to even get the chance to play a masked Stormtrooper. With that being said, Jon Hamm seems like an actor who would fit in well should there be a chance for him to join in the future. With the Disney+ streaming platform debuting in November with the live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian, there will more than likely be more chances for Hamm to get a shot at his dream gig.

Up next for Lucasfilm is The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker, which are both coming out at the end of this year. While certain fans were crying of fatigue not that long ago, it seems they are all prepared for the Skywalker saga to come to a close and for a new warrior on the Disney+ streaming platform. For now, fans are patiently waiting for more footage of each project as the release dates get closer. While we wait for more, you can check out the interview with Jon Hamm and Nick Offerman below, thanks to the BuzzFeed Celeb YouTube channel. The Star Wars talks is at the 6-minute mark.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick