Disneyland is going to try and make waiting in line at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge as painless as possible. The theme park has announced they will be offering bathroom passes for fans who might need to use the rest room while waiting in line for Smugglers Run, the Millennium Falcon ride. It has been estimated that the wait time will be up to six hours during the Star Wars area of the park's opening weekend at the end of May.

Disneyland offers up bathroom passes for a number of their rides which contain longer than average wait times. However, most fans make use of the Fast Pass system and avoid waiting in long lines all together. When Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens on May 31st, the Fast Pass will not be available. Instead, parkgoers will have to make a free reservation when buying a ticket through June 23rd. With that being said, it is not clear how the reservation system will work at this time.

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After June 23rd, Disneyland parkgoers will be able to use a virtual boarding pass system, which will allow guests to register for a time slot to visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and call them back when it's their turn. But, it isn't clear if this is just to get into the Star Wars area of the park or for the Smugglers Run ride. The park is expecting huge groups of people when the new addition opens. Regardless, there are going to be some huge lines, so you may want to skip out on visiting for the first month or so.

Speaking of waiting to go visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the Rise of the Resistance ride won't be open until a later date, so it might be best to wait altogether in an effort to take in all that the new area of the park has to offer. While having the park open in phases might anger some Star Wars fans, it's actually a pretty wise move on Disney's part in an effort to gauge the foot traffic and to see how to best accommodate everybody. There's going to be some pretty intense lines for everything when all is said and done.

While Star Wars fans wait in line for Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge itself, Disneyland will provide the aforementioned bathroom passes, ways to purchase food in line, character interaction, and possible trivia games with the use of a cast member and a smart phone. More information about the boarding passes and reservation system is supposed to be announced in the coming weeks, so we'll keep you posted as to any changes in the near future. For now, expect some mega wait times, heat, and some disgruntled Star Wars fans if you plan on attending the opening day. People Magazine was the first to report the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge bathroom pass news.