Last year, Disney revealed plans to construct Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and now were about a year away from the park opening at the Anaheim Disneyland and Orlando's Disney World. Today, Disney released some brand-new aerial footage of the construction and it really shows how massive this new addition to the park really is while showing how much work has gone into the Star Wars area of the theme park. When compared with the mock up art of the new addition, you can really see just how far the construction has gone in such a short amount of time.

The new aerial footage of Galaxy's Edge is taken from the Anaheim park and it features the construction of the new planet Batuu, which is apparently located in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Though you can't see the Millennium Falcon ride from the footage, you can see where it will be docked. We were treated to an image of the inside of the Millennium Falcon late last year. The picture was of the iconic corridor that leads to the cockpit of the fastest ship in the galaxy.

It's really hard to explain how massive Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge looks and it's going to be even more daunting when the park is open and full of people. Currently, there are two new rides in development in the new park expansion. There's the aforementioned Millennium Falcon ride, where park goers will be able to pilot the legendary ship. There's also a new ride being worked on where guests are inside a Star Destroyer hanger bay during a major battle between the First Order and the Resistance. It isn't exactly clear how that ride will function at this time.

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It's looking like Disney is going to deliver a totally immersive Star Wars experience when Galaxy's Edge opens up next year. However, the Anaheim park will not be getting the full resort experience like the Orlando park. Guests will really be thrown into a fully immersive Star Wars experience, dressing up and taking part in secret missions while even being able to hit up the Star Wars-themed gym and restaurants. It isn't clear if the California park will get this addition at a later date or not.

The exact opening date has not been announced by Disney at this time. We just know that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will open sometime in 2019, which means it will probably launch just before the summer season starts. If you thought that Disneyland was already too crowded, wait until Star Wars fans get their own slice of the theme park. It's going to be insane for at least the first year, if not longer. And Disney is definitely hyping the park up that much more with the release of this video update. You can check out the aerial footage of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, below, thanks to the Disney Parks YouTube channel.

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