Long before Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters, the sequel was expected to be a huge hit, with projections putting the domestic debut at $200 million and the global box office debut at $425 million. It turns out that the movie over-shot both projections, taking in $220 million at the domestic box office and $450 million worldwide. That tally is good for the fifth best global opening weekend of all time, and the second biggest domestic debut of all time, just behind the $247.9 million record-breaking performance from 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi also put up a massive $104.8 million opening day total, making it just the second movie ever to earn more than $100 million on its opening day, with the first being The Force Awakens, en route to the $220 million opening weekend. One of the reasons The Last Jedi couldn't contend for the all time global opening weekend record of $541.9 million, set earlier this year by The Fate of The Furious, because the movie hasn't yet opened in the second biggest box office market in the world, China, where it will open on January 5. Regardless, it still posted a massive opening weekend without the help of the Middle Kingdom's audience, and we'll have to wait and see how big it opens in China in a few weeks.

The $220 million domestic opening weekend was good for second best all time, coming just shy of the $247.9 million record set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens almost exactly two years ago. While it's debut is certainly impressive, it likely also means that it won't come close to breaking the massive all time domestic record of $936.6 million, or the $2 billion worldwide it made, but it will certainly still put up some massive numbers. The movie has been making headlines for another reason, and it seems that it might be "fake news."

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We reported last week that the super low Rotten Tomatoes audience score was even lower than Justice League, which was quite surprising given how positive the actual critic reviews were. However, it seems many of those may have created user reviews may have been fake, with "bots" writing these reviews instead of actual moviegoers. It remains to be seen if these fake news reviews will be cleared out to give fans a more accurate user review score, or if these bots will continue unchecked. Regardless, the fake users didn't stop the movie from becoming a huge success.

The movie also posted an impressive opening day total of $104.8 million, the second movie ever to earn over $100 million in a single day, next to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi will certainly become the biggest movie of 2017, but it doesn't seem poised to break any of The Force Awakens' major box office records, but it will still be a huge hit for Disney and LucasFilm. You can head on over to Deadline for their full box office report.