A new alternate trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, not the newly released international trailer and different from the World Series TV spots, clears up some of the confusion created by Luke Skywalker's dialogue in regards to Kylo Ren. The full-length trailer was released at the beginning of October and Star Wars fans have been dissecting every frame, trying to make sense of what's going on in the upcoming movie. Lucasfilm followed the trailer schedule of The Force Awakens to the tee, including misleading edits that are placed to throw fans off.

In the years following Return of the Jedi, we know that Luke trained his nephew Ben Solo in the ways of the Jedi, which backfired horribly when Ben turned to the dark side. The reasoning for young Ben Solo's motives are unknown at this time, but the events definitely left Luke in a bad state since he went into self-imposed exile on Ahch-To. It appears that he's afraid to repeat the same mistakes in The Last Jedi with Rey, and now it's become clear that Ben's powers deeply scarred him.

The Star Wars News Net Resistance podcast has now described an alternate version of The Last Jedi trailer that is very similar to what we have seen, but it cuts out Snoke's monologue in the very beginning and it's about a minute shorter. The podcast's John Hoey says that there is no new footage in what he saw, but adds that it cleared up who Luke was talking about when he was talking about "raw" strength. When that line of dialogue comes up in the new trailer, instead of showing Luke's robotic hand emerging from the wreckage, we see a shot of Kylo Ren picking up his Lightsaber. It's clear that Luke is obviously talking about his nephew in the new edit.

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Lucasfilm could have made another edit to further put Star Wars fans off of the scent, but combined with the last trailer and the new World Series TV spots, it begins to become clearer that Luke is spooked at what he saw in Ben Solo and is now scared of Rey's abilities. Luke perhaps underestimated what he had in Ben and didn't heed whatever his intuition told him until it was too late. It's possible Skywalker sensed the dark side brewing in his nephew and thought he could control it, but this is all speculation at this point in time.

We're getting closer to the release of The Last Jedi, so it's only a matter of time before we learn the truth. Adam Driver recently may have let the secrecy surrounding Rey's identity out publicly, and now we're getting more information on Luke Skywalker's fears. While we don't have any official confirmation, it looks like the pieces of The Last Jedi trailer puzzle are finally starting to fall into place. You can check out more information regarding the new trailer edit for The Last Jedi, courtesy of Star Wars News Net. The trailer that is referred too hasn't been released online, but we do have this alternative international trailer that also moves some of the cuts to make more linear sense.

Kevin Burwick