Popular toy company Sphero unveiled their new droid for Force Friday II and it's the evil twin of BB-8 as featured in The Last Jedi. Sphero released the popular app-controlled BB-8 to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens almost 2 years ago and it works mechanically just how you would imagine BB-8 to work, rolling around and interacting with his surroundings. You can even watch The Force Awakens with the toy and it reacts to certain scenes in the movie, which the new evil twin will most certainly do when the movie comes out.

The new droid is called BB-9E and was unveiled by Sphero's website. BB 9-E is just like BB-8, the rolling robot who melted everyone's hearts in The Force Awakens, but with a flat head that vaguely resembles a probe droid from The Empire Strikes Back. Just like BB-8, he's a droid whose magnetic head sits atop a rolling spherical body, and he makes robot noises except this time he's black and gray to represent being evil. It's like he started listening to Bauhaus and started wearing only black while BB-8 more than likely only likes to listen to happier tunes.

The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson joked on Twitter that the BB-9E name is a lot better than what they called the droid on set. Johnson explains.

"Just be thankful we didn't stick with his obscenely adorable on set nickname, BB-H8."

BB-H8 is actually quite a good name for the evil twin of BB-8. The BB-9E droid is reportedly a First Order maintenance worker who keeps all of their starships and machinery operational. It could become disgruntled with its position and join the Rebellion like Finn, but it's too early to make such an assumption.

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The new goth BB-9E will be sold for $149.99 while BB-8 will get a discount of $20 in honor of Force Friday. If the BB-9E is anything like the BB-8 that Sphero makes, it will be awesome. The app-controlled droid rolls around using physics and a magnetic head that can do a number of different commands and is almost life-like in the way that it interacts with its environment, which makes the steep price tag reasonable. Sphero also makes a Force Band that allows you to control your droids with the wave of your hand after you learn the ways of the Force.

For Star Wars fans who are on the fence about buying new Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise in fear of spoiling any of the upcoming movie's plot, fear not. Rian Johnson also took to Twitter this morning to reassure fans that Lucasfilm and Disney worked really hard to not include any spoiler for The Last Jedi in the new merchandise and marketing campaign. The only things that are revealed now are new characters and starships, which is hardly a spoiler. Along with the rest of the Force Friday materials, the BB-9E droid will officially be available tomorrow, September 1st. In the meantime, check out some video of the BB-9E in action below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick