Every Star Wars trilogy to date has had that questionable creature or character that fans aren't 100% on board with. C-3PO was quite a divisive driod when A New Hope debuted in 1977. Then along came the Ewoks in 1983's Return of the Jedi. And still hated to this very day is Jar Jar Binks, who first appeared in 1999's The Phantom Menace, and has become the most controversial character in the entire franchise. While some are still stymied, and/or stewing about the Rathtars in The Force Awakens, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is confirmed to have a creature that could either be everyone's favorite, or the next Jar Jar Binks. However it falls, director Rian Johnson has already assured fans that they are 'no Ewoks'. While we haven't gotten an official look at these beasties just yet, StarWarsNew.net has, and they are providing some key details, along with an artistic rendering of what was seen on set.

The Jedi caretakers are said to look after Luke Skywalker and his temple on the planet of Ahch-To. They are sea creatures. Perhaps a bit cantankerous. They were first spotted on set in May 2016, as they are particle puppet creatures. And it is rumored that Frank Oz was involved with the creature and performance of these strange aliens.

Star Wars News has received photos of the puppet. They aren't allowed to show these guys due to copyright laws, but they had their resident house artist whip up a painting of what they look like. And they're fairly crazy in appearance. While there is usually some skepticism when it comes to any Star Wars rumor, this report is accurate. We'd say about 97.4%, to be exact. And that's just because we don't know how good artist Eli Hyder is at capturing the essence of a puppet seen in various pieces.

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The report claims that these creatures, who have yet to be officially named, will be over nine feet tall, towering over Luke Skywalker and Rey. The costume itself is big enough to hold at least two puppeteers. It isn't known how significant a role the caretakers have in the movie, or if they just waddle around in the background as part of the scenery. The alien is being compared to the giant pig-like happabore from Jakku, who shared a water trough with Finn in the opening act of The Force Awakens. Perhaps they will provide a few moments of comedic relief and that's it. Some speculate that they come to Luke's aid on Ahch-To when Kylo Ren and his Knights arrive to battle Rey. None of those story elements have been confirmed at all.

The look of the actual puppet is being called non-threatening. It is said to be round, and lacking any type of quick mobility. It's hard to tell from the artist's rendering whether or not this is a sweet monster that fans will fall in love with, or another annoying piece of Star Wars mythology. That probably won't be decided until The Last Jedi is in theaters this holiday season.

Drone photos that captured the creature in real-life call it hairy and odd shaped. In regards to the caretaker's face, it isn't known if those are tendrils or just strands of hair. You can take a look at the painting below. What do you think, is the Jedi Caretaker the next Ewok? Or a full on Jar Jar Binks moment waiting to plague The Last Jedi?

Star Wars Last Jedi Caretaker Creature
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange